Keeping Goldfish is Great & Easier Too

Page Summary: Like most things in life it is better to do something right the first time. Modifying or redoing projects is painful, expensive, and soul-destroying. This applies to building a koi or goldfish pond in a garden. On the other hand building a fish pond the right way can be an extremely satisfying DIY gadening job. My own chosen route is to get someone far more skilled at building and landscaping ponds than myself. I'm competent at caring for ponds and the fish in them but when it comes to digging holes, creating level ground, building waterfalls, creating edging I am hopeless. So dont be put off by your own limited skills. After all a fish pond no matter for koi, goldfish or indigenous fish is an investment for life. Rather do it right the first time... so you have a pond. What next?


5 Good Reasons to Stock Your Pond with Goldfish

The popularity of the goldfish can be traced as far back as 700AD to the Chinese T’ang Dynasty who domesticated colourful fish by keeping them in private ponds. With over 300 types of goldfish, novice fishkeepers are not only spoilt for choice, but they can learn the ropes with a fish that is relatively low-maintenance. So if you’re new to the world of fishkeeping and you’re in the process of stocking your garden pond, here are 5 good reasons why the gold fish is a popular choice:

1. Goldfish are Extremely Prevalent

The goldfish is widely available in most parts of the world, as it is an exceedingly popular fish amongst fishkeeping beginners and specialists alike. And with so many different goldfish types to choose from, it’s easy to get your hands on some of these beautiful creatures.

2. Goldfish are Low-Maintenance

Compared to koi, goldfish are known for being relatively low-maintenance pond fish. Unlike koi which require filtration, aeration and a generally complex life-support system, the gold fish is known to be able to survive in a bowl. This is what makes these somewhat ‘hardy’ fish well-suited to anyone wanting a simple introduction to the responsibilities of fishkeeping.

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3. Goldfish are Fairly Easy to Breed

Despite being able to survive in a relatively inhospitable environment, goldfish will most likely reward you by breeding if you give them good quality care. When they reach sexual maturity, many gold fish will flock spawn by depositing thousands of little sticky eggs amongst the pond weeds. When the fry hatch, they will be brown, but the few that grow will add a variety of colour to your pond.

4. Goldfish can be Trained

The majority of fish from the carp family are acknowledged as having a certain level of intelligence. Goldfish are thought to make good pets because they respond to their owner’s presence, most times by swimming towards their silhouette. Even though this reaction is often understood to mean that the fish are pleased to see their owner, the reality is that gold fish can be trained to react to a range of stimuli – especially those associated with feeding time.

5. Goldfish have Simple Dietary Requirements

You can feed gold fish a good quality flake or floating pellet fishfood. Many diets contain ingredients that also act as colour-enhancers, especially increasing the intensity of red and black.

Popular for a Reason

Exquisitely coloured, widely available, relatively undemanding, intelligent and easy to breed – it’s plain to see why the gold fish has been held in such high esteem for many, many years.


Dont stress over pond pH and Testing Koi Pond pH

Interpet Koi Pond Test Kit

I will make a few very important points here which should be taken very seriously by anyone contemplating measuring pH in a koi pond and then TAKING ACTION based upon the measured result from testing the koi ponds water. If you test do it reliably... Interpet lead this pond water testing field of the koi keeping hobby

  1. pH of koi pond water will vary depending on time of day measurement is taken and especially if plants are in the pond. This means if you take a pH at 9am it will not be the same as a pH taken at 6pm. This single piece of information therefore must never be the information relied upon to make fundamental decisions
  2. pH is notoriously difficult to measure even in a laboratory with sophisticated instruments let alone in a koipond or fish pond using a piece of litmus type paper or a vial with coloured scales on it.
  3. If you must measure pond pH and this is a great part of the hobby then take the pond pH at the same time every day and plot the result on a graph. So now what youre looking for is not a single pondwater result but rather a pH trend in the pond water that you can use to sensibly consider a pH strategy.
  4. Very high pH in a koi pond is a serious threat to the well being of koi when levels reach about 9.5 because at this pH level ammonia which is a natural metabolic product of the koi and its existence becomes extremely poisonous
  5. It would be extremely rare for a koi pond to reach dangerous pH levels but could well occur in koi ponds with serious algae problems

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