Practical Seasonal Koi Pond Care: Spring Winter Advice

Bringing fish and pond and water out of winter into spring

Over the winter I have let my fish hibernate away. I decided not to keep my pond heated but did keep it covered through the coldest months. I stopped feeding them but checked them every day and made sure they were okay.

How Do I care For My Garden Fish Pond In Cold Winter

This will be my first winter since building my koi pond in April 2003. My pond is relatively small, about 1,000 gallons and it has an Aquamax 5,500 pump with a 20 watt UV and small pump-fed filter.

How To Prepare Water Garden Fish Pond for Spring Time

The water garden too has been experiencing a period of inactivity and will benefit from some maintenance before the plants, fish and frogs begin to emerge from their winter hideaway

How to restart your pond after winter. Pond equipment care

Even during the months of relative inactivity over winter, your pond and its life-supporting hardware will have undergone significant changes having experienced the physical extremes of our climate. Now is the time to take stock and respond to your assessment of the pond and its equipment, ensuring that winter merges seamlessly into spring and then on into summer.

Koi goldfish pond covers over winter. How to look after pondfish

Putting koi through a typical UK winter experience is regarded by many as a matter of potluck as to whether they will pull through to the spring. That is, we keep our fingers crossed and hope that the koi have eaten sufficiently well and that the ice doesnt come too fast and thick that the koi

Koi Goldfish Ponds. Spring jobs make your pond spring ready

Koi Goldfish Ponds. Spring jobs make your pond spring ready

Over-wintering koi goldfish hibernation cold freezing water ice

What actually goes on in a pond through the winter? Fish are cold blooded, which means that they take their body temperature from that of the surrounding environment.

Oxygen concentrations low in summer add aeration Hi-blow air pumps airstones venturis

Compared to many other fish species, koi are relatively tolerant of low dissolved oxygen concentrations (which is understandable, being a fish from slower moving warm waters). The range of DOC in a pond will run from a minimum (0mg/l) to a maximum (about 15mg/l), where even the supply of additional aeration would not change the DOC.

Pond freezes over winter weather ice frost frozen ponds

Natural water bodies such as lakes and ponds will freeze regularly throughout any typical winter and appear survive the experience with little impact on the fish or other aquatic life. So why bother to take on Jack Frost when he decides to visit our own garden ponds?

Pond pondfish care August to autumn ready for winter

As August turns into September, our pond enters its last scene her before the final curtain of winter approaches. Even at this late stage, the story could still have two endings, either as a tragedy or with the ponds players living on happily ever after.

What if the pond temperature suddenly drops in a cold spell in autumn?

What is the best we can do if we actually do experience a prolonged summer into September and out of the blue have a cold frosty night or perhaps even the first ice of winter?

What is happening in my koi or goldfish pond in spring time

Springtime presents us with the perfect opportunity for checking the condition that winter may have left our koi or goldfish pond in and to look forward to the summer by carrying out any necessary maintenance, nurturing our koi out of their winter slumber.

Why do my koi die in my pond at spring time & have biofilter

I lost some koi last spring. There was one in particular that was fine up until a week previously when she started to swim alone and got in the way of the male fish who kept bumping into her. After she died I opened her up and she was full of eggs and a lot of blood . I wondered if shed had an internal haemorrhage or had become egg bound.

Winter to spring. How to restart your koi or goldfish pond

Now is the time to take stock and respond to your assessment of the pond and its equipment, ensuring that winter merges seamlessly into spring and then on into summer

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