2 Amazing Home Entertainment Ideas

Home life getting a little bit too boring? Netflix every day and still wanting something more? I love staying at home more than going out so it is extremely important to have what to do at home. Here are my favourite ways to keep yourself entertained at home at all times! 

  • Home cinema! You read it correctly. I love watching movies and It has been one of my biggest dreams to have a cinema at home. Here is what you will need. A huge TV would be very beneficial or you can use a projector and a projector screen in spare room or you can just install it in your living room. The most important thing is the sound after you’ve got the quality image. Make sure you invest in the best surround system speakers and it will last you forever and provide so much enjoyment. Make sure you have a DVD/Blu-Ray player as well as not all movies will be available online. Be sure to get a universal controller. Some controllers can hold up to 9 devices and this will include diming your lights whenever you are watching a great film on the couch. Having a proper cinema sofa is also extremely important. Make sure you get some blankets too, for some reason it is more enjoyable to watch a movie wrapped up.friends watching TV laughing enjoying time together
  • Get a gaming console. This can be the best purchase for your home. Imaging how many amazing games you can play. As well as that it is great for house parties. Get a guitar attachment to a ps4 and get everyone to try Guitar Hero or Rocksmith. I have always wanted the Xbox Kinect motion games such as Just Dance. Some gaming consoles can double up as DVD players. So essentially, your home theatre setup can come together with a gaming set up as well.  
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